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Discover 3 Powerful Affirmations to Incorporate into Your Recovery

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Whether you are recovering from emotional trauma, codependency, an eating disorder or substance abuse, add these three powerful affirmations to your day and shift your awareness.

Quick disclaimer: This post is for informative purposes only and is not meant to provide professional mental health advice. If you feel that you are struggling, please reach out to a qualified professional or health care provider.

Recovery is an Ongoing Process

Unfortunately, recovery is neither quick nor easy. It's an ongoing process that will deepen your understanding of our shared human experience. We all have moments of denial, pessimism and even catch ourselves in old self-sabotaging behaviors while we heal and grow.

Recovery is a lifelong endeavor. No matter how long you've been walking this road, ruts and detours will inevitably crop up in your path.

The Following is a List of Common Experiences You May Encounter in Recovery:

Emotional Distance. You may find it easier to cut yourself off from others emotionally than to deal with the fall out of past behaviors or traumatic events. You may be hesitant to form intimate, meaningful relationships and feel too vulnerable to share with people who don't understand what you've gone through.

Physical Pain. Emotional turbulence also has an effect on our physiological makeup. Stress and buried resentments take a toll on your body.

Chronic Fatigue. Feeling drained of all your energy often occurs from prolonged periods of tension or anxiety.

Hyper-vigilance. You may feel on edge around people, places, or situations that could have an impact on your recovery. You may recognize yourself as unsettled or agitated.

Feelings of Guilt, Shame, or Regret. Your prior experiences may negatively warp your perception of yourself.

Consult with your health care provider and a mental health professional for treatment options to address both your emotional & physical wellbeing.

A popular method to cope with stress is meditation. There are several different types of meditation, and I suggest downloading free meditation apps to find the right fit for you.

Mindfulness is another practice that can help you learn to calm down whenever you are feeling overwhelmed. With time, you will be able to re-examine your environment and view your situation without the lens of addiction, perceived control, or trauma.

Now is the time to practice self-love and self-acceptance. It may be difficult in the beginning to do this on your own, so surround yourself with people who care about you unconditionally. Confide in a trusted friend or qualified therapist and seek spiritual guidance.

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If you feel inclined to share, please take a moment to comment below with your suggestions or experiences.

Early in my recovery journey, all my waking hours were spent in my head, going over conversations, worrying about how others saw me, and anticipating the moment when shame would steamroll my efforts to function in "normal" society. Essentially, I was trapped in my mind. I put my heart in a time-out corner because my experience of the world had been brutal to it.

By grace and a chain of synchronistic events, I discovered a new affirmation method that had lasting influence over my day. This method created an internal loop between my thoughts and my emotions. Having an open heart was the key to utilizing affirmations effectively.

How to Incorporate 3 Powerful Affirmations into Your Recovery.

Note: I've recorded a 12-minute guided mediation at the end of this post that you can start your day with, or you are welcome to listen to only the affirmations for an example. (Time signature 10:30)

Standard affirmations typically require you to repeat a positive statement three times a day. While this is helpful, your mind can do whatever it wishes with the information you give it. (Hence~ sometimes the affirmations work, and sometimes they don't.)

The powerful method I'm suggesting to use engages your heart center. Your words are then emotionally charged, and a bond is formed in the unconscious realm of your awareness.

Your affirmations become a loving, internal dialog between your heart and mind.

The first sentence is an "I" statement and is the Mind speaking. Repeat the "I" statement aloud while focusing your attention toward the center point between your brows.

The second sentence begins with the word "You." This is the heart responding. When repeating the "You" statement, sense or concentrate on the energy radiating from your chest.

The Affirmations

(Focus on the center point between your brow and repeat these words…)

I am comfortable. I flow effortlessly with the events of the day.

(Now, shift your focus to your heart and repeat these words…)

You are comfortable. You flow effortlessly with the events of the day.

(Again, focus on the center point between your brow and repeat these words…)

I am confident. I listen carefully to others and know that my words are understood.

(Then shift your focus to your heart and repeat these words…)

You are confident. You listen carefully to others and know your words are understood.

(Same as before, first the mind…)

I am limitless. I breathe the love and abundance that surrounds me.

(Then the heart…)

You are limitless. You breathe the love and abundance that surrounds you.

Click the SoundCloud link below to listen to my guided meditation and practice these affirmations today!

I'm so very grateful for your ongoing love and support. Thank you for reading!

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