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How to Become More Connected

Updated: May 8

Tactics to become psychically aware of others and deepen your understanding of our universal connection.

It seems as though division in our country is more evident than ever. Political & religious differences have long sought to separate us from them… But now, even pettier differences of generation, intelligence, and affluence are demanding our attention. Why do we focus on polarities, such as old and young, rich or poor, smart or dumb, pretty or ugly? When did we as a society begin to assign value by labeling others?

You have been taught to look outside yourself in the past, now you must remember how to look within.

During the early stages of our childhood development, we were taught that not everyone is safe. Strangers posed a threat, so we began looking for clues as to who can be trusted and who is to be feared.

Your opinions and thoughts about others formed your perception of the world. We were taught self-preservation and employed distrust when our parents were not able to watch over us. Imaginary friends were discouraged, and a logical way of thinking was fostered.

We began looking for guidance and protection outside our dreams, outside our gut feelings and psychic abilities. We were taught that our protectors were our parents and authority figures (aka teachers, policemen, lawmakers & politicians, the famous, the wealthy etc.)

Being non-judgmental and tolerant is often practiced and preached by spiritual gurus, but how do you get there when it seems everyone is out to destroy one another?

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

~ Carl Jung

Judgment is fear-based and acceptance is a practice of love. The two emotions exist on the same vibrational field, but one is about recognizing our differences, whereas the latter is about being conscious of our similarities.

Shifting your perception is going to take time. It involves self-discovery and requires a certain amount of validation.

How To Recognize Our Universal Connection

Be aware of our similarities. Our humanity stretches beyond our common physical attributes and emotions. We are all intuitive beings.

You were endowed with the gift of internal guidance. You have guardians watching out for you, nudging you along the course of ascension. This doesn't make you more special than anyone else because we all share this universal connection.

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While this gift is inherent, it often goes neglected for years and decades. Here are a few ways to recognize intuitive beauty in others and deepen your self-trust.

  • Establish Plant or Animal Connections:

Start out with non-verbal beings. Deeply bond with mother nature. Understanding the role of diversity in flora and fauna will help you leave a narrow perspective behind. Or develop a greater understanding of animals. Pick up on subtle signs with your pet or wildlife, sensing what they need or what they may be trying to say. You have a Caring nature; use it!

  • Make an Intuitive Connection to others:

You have the ability to sense energy. In the scientific community, the capacity to read another's "energy" is called Claircognizance. We are all born with it. Turn inward and listening to your subconscious cues. Consider this to be your Insightful nature.

  • Make an Emotional Connection to others:

Pick up on people's emotional state in your day-to-day life. As you become more aware of their emotions, you will begin to absorb the same feelings or mimic them. (Trust that you are protected by your spiritual guardian, even in the presence of unpleasant emotions.) Allow yourself to become easily influenced by the mood/tone of the room. This is your Empathetic nature.

  • Make a Physical Connection to others:

Be in tune with our shared physical condition. We all inhabit a body, and although they are individually unique in color, shape, and size, we all share the experience of sickness, pain, and wellbeing. Get in touch with your Compassionate nature.

  • Make a Dream Connection:

Receive intuitive information about others through your dreams. Maintain clarity within your dreams by practicing awareness of yourself and your environment during the day. Recall your dreams in the morning and journal them. Learn to interpret symbols and find common themes. This is your Perceptive nature.

We are all connected to each other, and the lifeforce that flows through me... also flows through you. Unlearn the fear that was programed into you as a child. If we all remember our insightful, empathetic, compassionate, and caring nature, then we will know peace.


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Sarah Combs
Sarah Combs
Apr 13, 2021

Such important points you are raising! Thank you for your insight.

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