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Intuitive Affirmations: The Best Method to Get Off the UN-Merry Go Round.

Updated: Apr 16

Use the magic of intuition to create meaningful affirmations and ride your carrousel horse onto new ground.

Feeling Spiritually Trapped on a Self-Sabotage Carnival Ride?

Addictions, toxic relationships, & depressive moods illustrate unconscious circular patterns that hold people within harmful vibrations. Most will look at the surface problem, like alcohol, the friend or lover & the situation causing the mood rather than the shadow underneath it. Wherever the problem lies, there is a shadow cast beside it. In the dark recesses of your unconscious, you will find the ideas that form the undesired repetition.

Like it or not, our beliefs produce our realities. If what you want in life isn't taking form, you need to make an internal shift. The best method to detect a self-sabotaging/unconscious belief is to pay attention to your emotions.

You might feel Irritated each time you relive the same arguments & conversations with people. Or, it may be Disappointing to find yourself re-enacting the same scenario over and over again.

Your emotions act as an anchor, and simply denying them with "positivity" will not get you to the outcome you wish for.

Common reasons why generic affirmations don't work:

· The affirmation sounds good, but deep down, you don't believe it to be true.

· Unhealthy behaviors and thoughts are NOT addressed before attempting the affirmation.

· General (one-size-fits-all) affirmations are not emotionally charged.

· A routine is not set, and the result of the affirmation is not visualized.

Chances are you were unconsciously placed on the un-merry go round, and now that your world is spinning, you want off. If the same ruts keep popping up or if life takes you down a familiar detour, trust that your intuition can guide you onto a new course.

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How to Create Affirmations Using Your Intuition.

Imagine the scene from Mary Poppins, when Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke ride their wooden horses off the carousel and join the race. That is going to be you! You can defy the gravitational pull of old patterns.

First: It's important to honestly look at your "horse."

What thought wave are you currently riding? Was there an instance that crippled your confidence? See if you can identify any existing conflicts in your emotional state of being or old attitudes that make your present situation lame.

Next: You might as well take a look around and find the best steed to ride off the un-merry go-round with. Pick out a prettier horse, a stronger horse, a fire-breathing serpent-kind of horse.

For example, you know you want to be a healer, but your current busted-arse horse is missing the saddle, and you can't find a balancing point. Find the horse with saddlebags full of possible solutions, such as attending a medical college or trying out guided meditations for self-healing.

Now: Recognize barriers. You have the right pony (aka the right idea), but your mind is going to pull back on the reigns. Opposition to your desired life's course often begins internally and then manifests itself externally.

What new obstacles did your mind come up with…Write them down. Pinpoint the thoughts that make a new reality seem impossible. List the emotions that bolt into your awareness when you concentrate on making a meaningful change.

The Affirmations: Use the list of barriers to create new statements. If the blocking thoughts make logical sense, then find the logical solution.


  1. Healthy nourishment for your body is the goal, but you are still prone to stress binge-eating.

  2. Your new statement is… I am aware of stressful triggers in my life. I choose hydration over snacks in stressful situations.

If your barrier is rooted in fear or another negative emotion, the counteraction needs to test that emotion's validity.


  1. Finding new friends is the goal, but you are too shy to approach strangers.

  2. Your new statement is… I confidently try new social activities and surround myself with new like-minded people.

Visualize: A vital part of successful affirmations is imagining or dreaming about the outcome. When you verbalize the new statement, try to see or feel it growing inside you. This untested way of being is a seed… plant it in your heart, then lovingly tend to it with your actions.

The promise: Affirmations are a promise to yourself to do something about the current situation. Repeat your new statements when undesired repetition shows up & take action.

Finally: Contact the appropriate people who are capable of supporting you along the way. Make connections to those who have been on the same ride you're on. (I.e., support groups, elders & teachers.)

Be willing to challenge yourself and create opportunities for change. It's easiest to accomplish this with a support system in place. Life will test you. Surround yourself with people who can acknowledge & empathize with your frustrations because they have experienced them too. Working with a fresh outlook will undoubtedly cause unexpected results. This usually means you have pushed beyond a mental limitation. Treat each new encounter as a chance to transform.

Procrastination or a lack of motivation may try to sneak into your new routine, but you can overcome those thoughts too. Related post: Low motivation.

If you put off creating affirmations that move you, then you are destined to ride out the same experiences over and over again. It's essential to make intuitive, emotionally connected affirmations when manifesting a different reality for yourself. Consider this the jumping-off point. You probably will fall before you gallop off to new horizons, but at least you won't be stuck.

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