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Work from Home - Intuitively.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

If you're working remotely and not thrilled to return to a traffic commute or socially awkward office encounters. Welcome to the club!

How it feels to be an intuitive spirit working from home.

Sensitive to others' energy, it's no surprise that spiritually minded people are loving the work-from-home-experiment that a global pandemic has pushed us into.

No one misses:

  • Wearing uncomfortable work-appropriate outfits.

(Dressing in comfortable clothes is a simple way to be more receptive to energy.)

Click to practice a quick Simplicity Exercise.

  • Stressing about being late.

  • Rehearsing potential watercooler conversation in your head on the drive-in.

We love:

Being surrounded by the creature comforts of home, including...

  • The affection of our pets

  • House plants babies raising our feel-good vibrations.

  • Break time artsy projects at the tip of our fingers.

However, there are new challenges that have arrived with the benefits of being a homebody.

We miss:

  • Being able to unplug after work.

Exhaustion will creep up on you fast if you're constantly working +12 hours from your kitchen, Livingroom or bedroom. Just because you are not leaving your workspace at the end of your shift doesn't mean you can't leave work when the day is done.

  • The lack of distractions

Distractions like a package arriving at your door, a noisy family, or a pile of dirty dishes… frequently draw us away from what we are doing and can mess with personal motivation.

  • Acknowledgment

You may feel like other people discredit or delegitimize your work because you accomplish it outside the “normal” work environment. It can become very frustrating when your work doesn’t seem to be taken seriously.

Need to feel valued? Learn an intuitive spell to raise your vibration through the divine power of self-love and acceptance.

  • The lack of person-to-person contact.

Hermits are people too, and we get lonely. Feelings of loneliness can contribute to unhealthy choices around sleep, exercise and eating habits. More on Associations Between Social Isolation and Loneliness.

Work-at-home frustrations are valid, but please remember you're not alone.

Intuitive strategies to stay on task and improve your work life.

Make your workspace quiet and comfortable.

Be observant in your current work area…Is there a more secluded place in the home where you can make a mental distinction between home and work life? Preferably, choose a room with a door. Soft non-distracting background noise may be helpful too. Pick an ambient sound that isn’t connected to negative emotions.

Establish a routine that matches your circadian rhythm. (Sleep cycles influenced by light)

If you have complete flexibility in your schedule, create a routine that matches your natural sleep patterns. When the workday begins, cleanse the space with incense. Lemongrass helps to reduce stress and has a light lemony fragrance with soothing earthy undertones. Or you may want to keep a bowl of fresh oranges nearby for a quick, healthy snack.

Write out a To-Do List as you 'close up shop' for the night.

Clearly check off finished projects so that your mind doesn’t wander back over the work you’ve already completed. Unfinished work can wait until tomorrow.

Make it a point to stay in contact with supportive people.

Set aside time after the day is done to connect with close friends or family. Unwind and let them know your success and frustrations. When that's not possible, find comfort in music, meditation, or art.

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” ~ Maya Angelou

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