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Low Motivation: The Reason Why You're Shutting Down & How to Overcome

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Maybe you slept through your alarm and could care less. Maybe you didn't bother to put on deodorant today. Or maybe you lost your car keys and then found them in the freezer. It happens. If you feel stretched too thin or scattered, read on… before you zone out and step in dog sh*t.

Intuitive, spiritually minded people are often labeled as 'Space Cadets.' Why do we lose focus, procrastinate and how come our self-motivation skills periodically take a nosedive?

Our mind denies what our heart knows.

You have this incredible connection to your inner world, however simultaneously live in a terrifying time, on a dying planet. Let's take a closer look at how we cope and why we shutdown.

Here are 5 lies spiritually minded people fall victim to-


Lie #1

I'm a Positive Person.

Intuitive people like us not only comprehend climate change, environmental disasters, and social upheaval… we feel it on a deep level. Yet, we attempt to stay positive with a smile plastered on our face, even as all the muscles in our neck and back cringe. It's okay to adopt a positive outlook, but it's not who we are. Pay attention to what you tell yourself, as opposed to what you know to be the truth. Your heart is a built-in bullsh*t detector.

Lie #2

I've got a Healthy Lifestyle.

How did you sleep last night? Did you finish your hempseed, goji berry, kale smoothie, then spend an hour meditating? Blast the heat in your apartment and limber up with your Hot Yoga Livestream zoom-buddies? Drink a gallon of water spiced with kombucha before you left the house slathered in sunblock and three different rejuvenating skincare products?

If you're reading this, let's be honest… you rolled out of bed with 3 hours of sleep, splurged on a Unicorn Frap for the sole purpose of leaving the house before it caved in on you. Intuitive people are easily overwhelmed. They are highly tuned into energy within their immediate environment and the world at large. When we soak it all up, most of us fall victim to self-soothing behaviors that aren’t the healthiest.

Lie #3

I'm going to make people Happy.

We are people-pleasers by nature. We sense other's pain and have an uncontrollable desire to 'make it better.' The truth is, negative people are draining. Whether or not we are helpful to someone one else, isn't up to us. Of course, we want to bring sunshine & light & love to everyone we meet, but even if that was magically possible… it would deprive them of personal growth. Everyone suffers. Just be aware that some people want you to suffer along with them.

Lie #4

I Trust the Universe.

Ahhh, the universe. It's true that we can read cosmic signs and are in tune with our gut feelings. Then, why does it seem like our life can spontaneously become a flaming dumpster fire at any given moment? Fate and Faith in the Unknown is a beautiful concept but requires awareness and acceptance at a superhuman level. Trusting that everything is as it should be, and Wanting to believe, are two different things. When life gets sh*tty, don't pretend to be above your own sincere emotions.

Lie #5

I follow my Heart.

This last lie is a big one. If you lack motivation, are you really following your heart? Be real, are you doing what is best for you? Are your actions fueled with inspiration and love throbbing from your chest? Or, are you squandering your energy fulfilling the expectations of others?

In the Victorian era, doctors bled their patients to dispel disease; self-deceit is the equivalent of energetically "bleeding out."

Props to you for reading this far. Maybe it's way past your bedtime, and you can't sleep. Or maybe you're procrastinating on a final exam, and this seems more appropriate than a Jenna Marbles video featuring Kermit.

I know you are exhausted. Being a people-pleaser too, I want to help. (Yeah, yeah… Old habits die hard.)

Low motivation, lack of focus, and procrastination are symptoms of misalignment.

Your heart and mind must be attuned to one another. Finding alignment is a journey. For some, it's a small hop in the right direction, and for others, it's a complete life upheaval.

To overcome, you must first identify what resonates with your soul's purpose. I'm not talking about a lifetime achievement award… Choose the path that spans multiple lifetimes. It will be familiar to you, like coming home.

If you sense that something is amiss, then right now, you must search your heart to find the direction your spirit is guiding you towards. Dare to be honest. Spend time in a meditative state with your intuition. Then, align your life with the projects and activities that make your heart go boom, boom. Above all, don't attempt to change your world in a single day.

Set small, attainable goals and remain open to an inkling of truth.

"Mind Mapping is a creative process to visualize your goals."

Sign up for a monthly newsletter and try it out. My Mind Map tool is more than a coloring page, it's designed to help fuel your motivation!

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