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7 Quick & Intense Exercises to Boost Intuition

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In spin class, you hop on a stationary bike and peddle your heart out. The workouts are intense, with loud music and people yelling & whooping to rev you up. Themed spin rides are popular too, like 80's glam rock & shaking your hiney to a Shakira soundtrack.

By the end of class, you're rewarded with a shot of endorphins and enjoy all the health benefits of physical exercise.

It would seem to be the polar opposite of a spiritual practice. Yet, enlightenment doesn't have to be all about relaxation and quiet time.

Venture into a new realm of mediation, bursting at the seams with high-intensity spirituality. (And, you won't even break a sweat!)

Mental Spin class is accessible anytime and anywhere… plus, each exercise is less than ten minutes. You can do as many or few as you wish.


Okay, the first exercise goes against all conventional workout routines. It involves eating, sleeping, and possibly shopping.

1. Simplicity Exercise

"Greater happiness comes with simplicity than with complexity." ~ BUDDHA

For this exercise, make a simple meal of vegetables and rice, then be present to all your senses while you eat. Taste the sweetness of the carrots, smell the aroma of the asparagus, & play with the sticky texture of rice on your tongue.

Not Hungry?

Take a short spiritual nap. Close your eyes and allow dreams/visions to appear in your mind's eye. Don't let your conscious awareness drift away; stay present with the images as long as possible.

Not Hungry or Tired?

There's one more simple exercise you can try. Become acutely aware of your clothing. Pay attention to its weight and texture. Are you wearing something heavy or binding? Is your attire loose and soft to the touch? How comfortable are you? Pushing away the irritating feeling of a tag or itchy fabric preoccupies our awareness. Instead, opt for loose, flowing clothes to be more receptive to energy.


Time to cycle through the next exercise. (Pun intended)

2. Synchronicity Exercise

Spin instructors aren't the only ones who love themes. Nature, people, places, and things are made of energy vibrations. You can tune into the frequency of their energy vibrations and discover hidden themes.

Start this exercise by watching for patterns to emerge in your everyday life. Common examples include:

  • Repeated numbers or symbols, such as 11:11 and 555.

  • Running into old friends the same day you thought about them.

  • A series of fortunate accidents.

  • Several songs on the radio that bring up the same memories.

  • Déjà vu (Like a glitch in the Matrix.)

If you have experienced synchronicity before, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear about it.


Get your mind and body to work together in this next exercise.

3. Mudra Exercise

This exercise is all about Connecting to the cosmos with your built-in antenna. A Mudra is a symbolic gesture performed with your hands and fingers. (And in case you are young, an Antenna is a pair of wires that look like rabbit-ears, stationed on top of old television sets. It's how people originally "streamed" shows & movies before the digital age…long, long ago.)

Buddhi comes from the Sanskrit meaning "perception" and this Mudra assists with mental clarity.

For this exercise, touch your thumb to your pinky finger, and hold your other three fingers straight toward the sky. Hold the position for a few minutes while concentrating on your breath. You may notice an energy shift and possibly receive a visual image or symbol. Or you may feel more focused after the three minutes are up.


Now, it's time to rings all the bells and whistles.

4. Harmony Exercise

Music has far more value than mere entertainment. When a musician is "in the flow," their lyrics reflect symbology and messages. Interconnected wavelengths (Universal Harmony) are available for you to recognize if you just listen for them.

For this exercise, put on your headphones and open Spotify or Apple music. Then listen. Pay attention to how some lyrics perfectly fit your mood or situation. Starting with your favorites is fine, but venture out into different genres like the Williams Twins. #MusicHeals

Also, try your hand at being your own musical artist. Drumming, chanting, and working with Tibetan singing bowls are a great starting point if you don't have already own a musical instrument.


Now it's time to Channel your intuition with pen and paper. Feel the burn in your dominant writing hand, wrist, and forearm.

5. Automatic Writing Exercise

Psychography (Automatic Writing) allows words to form on paper by assimilating information from the collective consciousness or higher-self.

For this exercise, have a pen & paper ready, then enter a gentle trance state by scribbling or doodling on the page with lines & loops. It may help to look away.

(Yes, you are capable of being in a light trance state! We spend most of our day on that level, as opposed to being in a constant state of complete sensory awareness.)

Next, gently transition into words. They may be gobbledygook or an incoherent mess of random thoughts. If you are unaware of what you are writing, you've tapped into something more expansive than your logical/thinking mind.

When your page is full, or you feel you've reached a stopping point, look for keywords, patterns, and phrases that pop out. Use your instincts to comprehend the message your higher-self is sending you.


Give yourself a better endorphin high than binge-watching The Office.

6. Bliss Out Exercise

This exercise is easy. Laugh. Think of something that made you laugh, like a funny video or something embarrassing you did/watched someone else do. Now, start giggling and snickering.

It's best to practice this exercise in a room with a loved one and give absolutely Zero context. (They will probably start laughing, too, unless they are in a bad mood or totally insecure). Laugh until your cheeks ache and your sides burst into flames.


To finish up, practice appreciation for others and the universe.

7. Gratitude Exercise

For this last exercise, I recommend that you take a Heartwarming stroll. Witness your surroundings while in motion on your feet or in a wheelchair. Behold the bird's chatter, the sunshine on your head… and give thanks. Bring a friend along and play a game where you each take turns appreciating the world around you or each other's company.

Gratitude builds your resilience, enhances your self-esteem, and gives your intuition a boost.

The importance of deepening our intuitive skills can't be understated. Our intuition has been a seed within us since the stone age and helps influence our decisions today.

It's normal to have minimal success when starting out.

The first day at spin class is brutal, but you build the muscles in your hiney to endure over time. Strengthening your Intuitive muscle is the same.

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