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Mojo Magic, Yeah Baby.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Cultivate your personal charm & be irresistibly you.

Mojo\ mō-jō\noun

1: a seemingly magical personal charm, power or influence over the people.

2: a magic charm, talisman or spell.

With March being National Women's History Month, let's focus on self-love and the divine feminine within us all.

We've come a long way since the Women's Liberation Movement in the 60s… Communes and Flower Festivals are a thing of the past, and so is our face-to-face connection. The digital age combined with the pandemic has shifted us into a new lifestyle of computers & smartphones.

Still, the number one complaint among women remains... Not feeling valued.

What happens to your personal magic in an online-culture of cyberbullies and gatekeepers?

The internet is notorious for dishing out harsh judgment on the physical appearance and personalities of strangers. Often, people overlook their solidarity with one another & play the game of comparison and sabotage. A few clicks around YouTube or Tiktok, and you'll find people dicking around on the internet, attempting to achieve fame while simultaneously morphing into dicks.

In truth, there is no dichotomy of beautiful or ugly, side part or center part, old or new. A person's energy is too infinite to be defined as a poop stain or pool noodle.

If you feel inclined to do so, please comment below and share your experiences with bullies & trolls or your observations.

As an intuitive soul, chances are, you don't see people the way social media and content creators would like to portray them. It's more likely that you recognize beauty within everyone and everything. Millions find the harassment of others funny, as long as they aren't the target. But what about wounded? People might appear on a two-dimensional screen, but that doesn't mean they are any less human.

With the current lack of compassion and unity in society, you may want to disconnect completely. Besides flushing your phone down the toilet (intentionally) … what else can you do?

Rejuvenate your personal magic with an intuitive spell harnessing the divine power of self-love and acceptance.

Step One

Reclaiming your Mojo

The following list of attractive qualities applies to all the truly beautiful souls in your life and YOU! Take note of the quality that resonates the strongest... You will need it for the next step.


She is respectful and treats others with common decency.

You are present to the needs and emotions of others.


She's honest and full of integrity.

You are loyal to those who merit your affection and can be trusted with secrets.


She is self-assured in her actions & decisions.

You believe in who you are as a person. It's normal to feel insecure from time to time, and vulnerability can be sexy too... But you have a right to exist, even if you don't always fit in.


She is kindhearted, and kindness is attractive.

People feel accepted around you and find your gentleness... irresistible. You smile from your heart.


She isn't afraid to be herself. She's genuine.

You are authentically you. There is no one in the world quite like you. Your voice, your sense of humor & your accomplishments are unique and make you desirable.


She really listens to me without being distracted.

People are more inclined to open up to you because you are supportive. Conversation topics are rarely light or mundane when talking to you. You are deeply in touch with your inner-self.


She has a mysterious quality.

Your coy and quiet side draws up eyebrows because people want to know more about you.

No matter what your strongest quality may be, remember that YOU are a stunning creature… Your intuition will guide you to the people who recognize a kindred energy vibration.

Learn to recognize Synchronicity and practice other spiritual exercises to boost your intuition.

Step Two

Practice some Mojo Magick


  • A medium-sized jar with a flat, metal lid

  • Lighter or Matches

  • Small Red Candle (Tealight or candle with a 2 hour burn time)

  • Paper and red ink pen

  • Rose petals and thorns (for healthy boundaries)

  • Honey


1) Write down your most attractive quality followed by your name in red ink on a slip of paper.

2) Turn the paper 90 degrees and rewrite the quality and your name over the last inscription. (Your words should form an X or Cross)

3) Drop the paper into the jar and cover it with honey until the paper is submerged. Add a few rose petals & thorns, then close the lid tightly.

4) Twirl the jar & visualize charisma radiating from your energy field.

5) Place the Jar and the Candle in the sink below a mirror.

6) Speak the words "Caritate te Ipsum" (Latin for charity, love, or affection)

7) Place the candle on top of the lid and light it with a match or lighter

IMPORTANT: Candles should not be left unsupervised. Keep anything flammable a safe distance away. Lit candles must be out of the reach of children and/or pets.

8) Allow the candle to burn down entirely to complete the spell. (I recommend taking a soothing bath while you wait. This will also allow your energy to balance.) Once the jar is cooled, store it in a safe/private place, or you may bury it at a cross-road.

This spell will have a tremendous positive impact on your perception and energy, if you give it a try. Self-love is crucial in 2021, and right now is the best time to reclaim your Mojo. It isn't a quick fix, but it will strengthen your heart and raise your vibration to a higher level.

I'm curious to know your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions. Please take a moment to comment below and connect with other intuitive hearts and me!

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