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How to Interpret Your Dreams

Updated: May 8

Learn to communicate with your subconscious to find the true meaning of your dreams.

Dream Interpretation from the Source

Have you ever woken up from a nightmare, and the same presence in your dream seems to pervade your room? Or, has a dream seemed too strange and familiar to brush off its meaning? If so, did you go looking for answers?

I'm no stranger to dream interpretation books/dream dictionaries, google searches, and talking about my dreams with friends to try to understand the weird world of my subconscious. However, I rarely feel satisfied with the conclusions drawn from outside perspectives.

Using a dream dictionary involves scanning a long list of animals, events, and objects to get one or two sentences of a possible dream explanation. The assumption is that our dreams are derived from a model of "wish-fulfillment." [1] Thus, the interpretation usually involves emotions or symbols of what we desire or need to do/change to receive the good omen.

Google is a giant crapshoot when it comes to understanding our dreams. However, you may have gotten to this post via Google, so I can't poopoo on all the results. A couple of my favorites are & if you are looking for quick and easy answers.

The frustrating part about discussing your dreams with friends is the perceived judgment, shrugging of shoulders, or complete life psychoanalysis that accompanies their answers. If you divulge your dreams to a friend or family member, pick a person with good gut instincts.

This leads me to an option you may not have considered-Dream interpretation from the source. Using your intuition for dream analysis is not only possible, but it is also the most reliable way to uncover the true meaning of your dreams.

Communicate with Your Subconscious Mind

To get down to the nitty-gritty meaning of your dreams, you must enlist the help of an inner guide. Everyone has the ability to align themselves with higher consciousness and receive guidance. Dream Interpretation that comes from within is purer than anything you'll find in a book or online.

Imagine going on a trip to a foreign land and trying to communicate with people who speak a different language. You might use hand gestures and basically get your point across, but anything gained will be vague at best.

Now imagine your expedition includes the services of a skilled guide who knows the language, where to find the best restaurants and hidden gems of the land.

Your subconscious mind is vast, encoded with confusing symbology and emotional residue from your waking life. To understand the hidden messages in your dream, it's crucial for you to bring in an expert.

Invite your guide into the space of your dreams.

Upon waking, write down the details of your dream in a journal. Record where the dream took place, the people you interacted with, and symbols such as strange objects, animals, weather, etc. Then, set your journal aside and relax back into bed. (This technique works best right after experiencing the dream, but you may apply it just before bedtime if you have a nagging question about a recent or reoccurring dream.)

Now, focus on your heart. Take a deep breath and notice the energy or presence around your chest. Visualize your heart opening to receive guidance. This is an invitation. Your heart must be open, like turning the knob on a door and welcoming a friend inside.

Close your eyes. Re-enter your dream, but this time with the presence of your inner guide. Notice the scenery. You'll want to be in the same place you wrote about in your journal. Replay the events and interactions, being intuitively aware of the guidance you carry with you. Be open to all the sensations that arise.

You may get visual impressions that coincide with the dream imagery, which "makes sense" with your waking life. Or you may have an audio-cue where you hear a response to the events in the dream replay.

It's also possible that your guide will manifest, and you can talk directly with them. Carry the conversation with your guide the same way you speak with your friends or family members. Even if it seems imagined, play along and discover what insight your "imagination" comes up with. Don't hesitate to ask tough questions.

CAUTION: A false sense of self (ego) may creep in and try to derail your efforts. The ego does so to protect your sense of identity in the world. Higher consciousness always, without exception, carries with it the sensations of Love and Acceptance. Whereas the ego will convey fear and/or flattery.[2] If the situation doesn't feel right, you will need to call upon your true guide and look beyond the false ego.

Thank your guide for accompanying you, and permit them to send more messages throughout the day related to your dream.

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2. Steinbrecher, Edwin C. The Inner Guide Meditation-A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century, Samuel Weiser, Inc. 1988


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