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Three Remote Viewing Techniques to "See" with Your Eyes Shut

Updated: May 8

Remotely view and detect color using your natural intuitive understanding. Learn how to train your mind to see beyond normal eyesight.

You may be asking, what is remote viewing?

Remote viewing is a psychic technique of perceiving or "seeing" objects, people, and places outside the typical depth of eyesight. For instance, a person competent in remote viewing can list the contents of your closed refrigerator while sitting on your couch in the living room. Or, if they have crazy mad skills, drive a car completely blindfolded, stop at all the red lights, yield to pedestrians, and never once swerve off the road.

Ridiculously obvious disclaimer: Don't drive blindfolded.

Another example: The character Eleven from Stranger Things demonstrated a way of receiving visual impressions during her remote view sessions while submerged in a sensory deprivation tank.

However, you don't have to be a rare or unusually gifted psychic to view remotely. This is a teachable practice, accessible to anyone willing to commit to the training.

In the 1970s, the CIA implemented a psychic program using remote viewing as an intelligence tool. STAR GATE was one of many code names for training operatives to gather intelligence from remote distances. The program's goal was to produce detailed target data, and over the course of two decades, 20 million dollars was spent by the defense budget with a few astonishing, mind-blowing results. [1]

Eventually, the program was defunded in the mid-1990s due to poor management and the conclusion that Star Gate government psychics only had a 15% accuracy rating.

The government spent millions of dollars and years of training on this psychic phenomenon, and actual concrete, scientific evidence was produced- proving that people can see with their eyes shut. Several, and I mean SEVERAL thousand documents have been released and sanitized by the CIA on remote viewing. If you're curious, check out a few in the reading room at room

Besides privacy concerns (which can't be avoided anymore if you use a smartphone, own a credit card, or frankly show your face in public), what does remote viewing mean to you?

Some things that come to my mind are- Empowerment, Cool Superhuman Albitites, A Greater Understanding of Collective Consciousness, and Synergetic Energy Fields. (Yes, I'm nerding out.)

How to see with your eyes shut.

Okay, to bird box this b¡tch, you will need:

1. A honest practice partner.

This is not a solo gig or a nifty party trick you can use to impress friends. You will need an unapologetic, blunt friend to tell you when you've missed the mark during practice sessions.

2. Energy- a butt load.

I'll briefly cover chakra basics here. We have vital energy (sometimes called chi or prana) circulating and moving within our core. From the base of our tailbone to the crown of our head, there are seven vibrating sources of energy called chakras. In addition to the core chakras, we have micro-units of energy flowing through our extremities. To effectively use remote viewing, you must focus your awareness on these areas of the body, nourish yourself with whole foods and refrain from toxins.

An effective way to build your sensitivity to visual impressions is Aura Reading.

3. Daily meditation routine.

A Comprehensive Mindful Awareness Practice and Visualization Meditations are imperative to having a successful remote viewing program. Part of second sight is shifting from lucid awareness to a daydream state to record your impressions accurately.

4. Training Supplies.

To include: a beach ball with a minimum of three primary colors, a pack of colored construction paper and white computer paper, Rosco lighting gels sheets (assortment of colors), bright light source (A table lamp with the shade removed or a flexible desk lamp.)

Remote Viewing Training Techniques:

The following methods are color and movement-driven.

The Beach Ball Method.

Sit comfortably on the floor with your legs outstretched in a v formation. Your partner will do the same but face opposite to you. Roll the beach ball back and forth, naming the color facing up when the ball is in your possession.

Next, the trainee will shut their eyes, and when the ball is passed to them again, they will need to sense the color. Immediate validation is given by the partner. If the impression is wrong, the partner will indicate the correct color before the ball is passed back. Repeat and record the number of correct impressions each practice session.

The Colored Construction Paper Method.

Place 10-15 blank/white sheets of computer paper on the floor, forming a large circle. (Note there will need to be space between each paper sheet; Use Approx. 12–24-inch gap, depending on the size of your training room.)

Next, set colored construction papers overlapping the white computer paper to show contrast. Example: Red with white background, Blue with white background, so on and so forth.

The trainee will walk around the colored paper circle as the partner guides them. Stop at each sheet of construction paper, naming the color impression received. Again, the training partner will either validate or correct the trainee with the exact color.

The Light and Color Bath Method.

Situate a chair in front of your training partner and a lamp (remove the lampshade) or bright light source. Sit comfortably with your shirt sleeves rolled up to expose your skin. Dim the rest of the room by closing the blinds and turning off overhead lights. Then close your eyes.

Next, the training partner will place a colored gel light sheet in front of the light source, and THEY will name the color for you. As you progress through the exercise, imagine yourself bathed in each color. Sense and visualize the color without opening your eyes. Run through the colors of the rainbow, allowing your body to react to each.

When you feel comfortable, signal your partner that YOU will now attempt to name the color as they continue to cycle through the gel sheets. (Note: the partner will need to state when they change from one sheet to the next.)

The partner will immediately validate the impression or correct the trainee- giving them the accurate color. Complete as many repetitions as both of you are patient enough to withstand. Each time you come back to this method, your result will improve.

Some considerations:

You should expect common frustrations like practice partner irritation, self-discipline slumps, commitment issues, doubt, and insufficient validation/results.

You may also expect benefits such as seeing beyond the normal realms of perception, vivid dreams, improved concentration, clarity & decisiveness, heightened intuition, and aura perception.

Have fun with this! Regular practice is mandatory; success depends heavily on clear communication with your partner.



Hopkins, Lloyd F. Training Manual for Sight Without Eyes Through Mind Sight, Clear Springs Press 2008

Federation of American Scientist,, John Pike, December 29, 2005


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