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How to Read Auras

Updated: May 8

Tactics to see energy.


Definition: An aura is a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source.

For example, The place had an aura of mystery. [1]

What Webster calls atmosphere, I would define as living energy that colorfully radiates from a person, place, or thing. It’s also been referred to as prana or chi. Auras come in many shapes and colors and are often vibrantly flowing around people.

A person's auric energy has many layers, like an onion. The number of layers is debatable. Different cultures have varying opinions and use equally diverse techniques to see energy. Some argue that there are precisely seven aura layers, and our energy is an unambiguous egg shape. But that has not been my experience. Our energy is never static enough to hold one shape indefinitely. And either I am not skilled enough to see all seven layers, or the emotional-spiritual well-being of the person is the greater factor. Either way, the Etheric aura is easiest to spot as it usually emanates close to the body. The Astro-mental aura that extends far beyond our physical outline may be trickier to see in the beginning.[2]

The shocking appearance of an unbalanced, sickly aura.

(\_(O.O)_/) Ooof-That guy is NOT okay.

I rarely stare at people, but when I began seeing energy clearly, there was a moment when I could not turn my eyes away. I was in church, and a broken-hearted man sitting in front of me had an ugly vortex of energy spewing out of his head. (Side Note: Even if religion is not your thing, community churches are a great place to read auras. It might be blasphemous, but I doubt anyone will call you out.) The sad man later started crying about his divorce, and I had to suppress my own tears because his sorrow was so palpable.

Leaky, stagnant, and murky-colored auras can be painful to observe. Trauma and stressful situations are common factors contributing to unhealthy-looking auras. If you suspect your energy may be out of balance, I strongly recommend seeking help from energy healers. For example, Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, and most definitely a certified mental health counselors because our emotional and mental states are closely connected to our personal energy.

It is common to begin seeing energy once you commit to a daily meditation practice, but chances are, you have detected aura since childhood. I remember seeing a glowing crown around my third-grade teacher, Mrs. McLaren, while she marked up the whiteboard with a squeaky marker. You may remember your best friend 'lighting up' when she talked about her Barbies or your kid brother's aura turning red as his cheeks during a toddler tantrum.

One of the most common frustrations with aura reading is skepticism and non-believers. As a child, I did not know what I was seeing and had difficulty putting it into words without appearing weird. Confession - I once told a close friend and was informed to ignore the eyeball sweat. (Not tears… perspiration was the problem. The little orbs of light dancing everywhere in the room were apparently microscopic beads of sweat stuck on my eyeballs.)

How to Read Auras

The action plan goes like this:

Meditate! If you have a particular routine and style of meditation that works best for you, keep it up. If not, try a mindful awareness technique called the body scan.

To start, get in a comfortable seated position where your arms and legs are not crossed. Focus your attention on your feet, feeling the energy there. (For some, it’s a tingling sensation, others feel warmth or a sense of fullness.) Let your awareness travel up the legs, gathering energy as you go. Move your focus up to your thighs, pelvic bone, stomach, chest, throat… all the way to the top of your head. Once you are ‘buzzing’ from head to toe, visualize energy moving to the spot between your brows. Stay with the opening sensation of your third eye for as long as comfortably possible.

Learn how to gaze softly without looking creepy. Aura reading isn't dependent on your optic vision. Even people with sweaty eyeballs can see energy. Legally blind people can see auras too, and the United States Military trained specialists to remotely ‘view’ their target, miles upon miles away. The longer you can hold a gentle gaze, slightly out of focus on someone or something, the more apparent their aura will become.

Let go of expectations and trust your gut. A big part of aura reading is the associated feeling that comes along with it. Be open to your natural ability to receive imagery that exists outside of normal sight. You probably don’t second guess your intuitive hunches, and you shouldn’t doubt that your spirit is interacting with other spiritual forces made of vibration, color, and light.

With regular practice, compassion is an inevitable side-effect. It's hard to be mad at someone who is visibly suffering, no matter how irrational or unhinged they may be acting. With that being said, there will be times when you cannot see anything at all. Personally, I do not see everyone's aura 100% of the time. That's not to say it isn't achievable, but we tend to receive what we can handle and only when we are ready. Meditate, practice a soft gaze and trust your gut.



[1] “Aura.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 15 Jun. 2021.

[2] Terminology source: How to Read the Aura and Practice Psychometry, Telepathy, & Clairvoyance, by W. E. Butler, Destiny Books, 1998, pp. 225


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