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Recharge Your Spirit with Nature Worship

Updated: May 8

Go barefoot in nature's basilica and raise your spiritual vibrations.

The importance of grounding and receiving nature's energy.

If you've been labeled as 'overly sensitive,' start crying when someone else sheds a tear or can read the energy in a room from the moment you open the door, it's safe to say that you are open to the energy around you. Some people are naturally tuned into the vibrational patterns of our world, and at times, there are some uncomfortable consequences of being so open.

Sensory overload is commonly experienced along with these abilities. You may feel your personal space is invaded when faced with daily life tasks and social interactions. With all these uncomfortable experiences, most of us choose to disconnect and self-isolate. However, disconnecting isn't the only solution. Learning to center your energy in nature can help you feel less like a sponge. With the help of the natural world, you will begin to see your sensitivity as a gift- not a debilitating curse.

"Everything in life is vibration." ~Albert Einstein

Everything vibrates. The emotional energy of our family and friends, our thought patterns, places steeped in rich history, and even objects with sentimental value all have a vibrational frequency. Aligning yourself with the vibrations of nature is vital for your health and well-being, as well as our Mother Earth.

Many forget that our lives are interconnected and depend on the plant world. Every breath of life-giving oxygen could be regarded as a bond between us and the trees. Every meal we ingest comes from the life force of the plants in our agricultural crops and garden beds.

The Earth has a pulse of her own; it beats every 26 seconds. She is as alive as we are, yet only a precious few take the time to feel her. The Earth indeed suffers, just as we do, but there is also great harmony, balance, and wisdom in her being.

If you live in a low vibrational state, you'll notice that broken people are attracted to you. You might also downplay your own needs to accommodate others. You feel mentally drained, physically exhausted, and lost when you're disconnected from nature.

We need to care for the planet we inhabit and ourselves to better understand our life's purpose. Visit the forests, gardens, and national parks, and you will find the loving guidance you seek. Discover the cathedrals forged by sacred groves of cedar trees towering ten stories high and ringing with the sound of birdsong instead of bells.

What is Nature Worship?

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Nature worship is a system of religion based on the veneration of natural phenomena—for example, celestial objects such as the sun and moon and terrestrial objects such as water and fire.[1]

Shamans and Mystics have been practicing spiritual and devotional rituals focusing on connecting with hidden nature spirits for millennia. Pagan holidays, such as the upcoming Litha, celebrate warm weather, the gathering of herbs, and prayers for a bountiful harvest. Communing with nature is a practice that we, as a society, have strayed away from and to our own detriment. A shift in consciousness calls us back home towards a healthier, more profound relationship with the trees, plants, crystals, and animals.

If you feel the pull towards the natural world, here are a few steps to energetically connect and become grounded:

Step 1. Find a sacred place you love.

Explore the woods, nearby gardens, mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. You'll know when you've found your 'church' when the heart expands and you feel a flood of relief. Your body will be lighter, you'll breathe deeper, and your worries will take a backseat to the beauty surrounding you.

Step 2. Get curious.

Witness nature without judgment or labeling, and pay close attention to movement. Watch the wind blow through the tall grass in the meadow like an ocean wave. Laugh at the rogue squirrel that intrudes on a picnic lunch in the park. Let your naturally curious disposition rule your thoughts.

Step 3. Be touchy-feely.

Express your affection through physical touch. Brush your fingertips over blades of grass, or clear your mind and rest your forehead against the trunk of an old, wise tree. Or, pick up a rock and hold it in your palm, sensing its vibration. Lay with your back against the ground and feel the earth support and cradle you.

Step 4. Envelope yourself in color.

Bathe in the amber light of sunset. Meditate in a bed of wildflowers or watch crystal-blue waters flow over multi-colored pebbles in a mountain stream. Focus on the internal glow radiating from the living, energetic beings in your natural church.

Step 5. Let gratitude fill your heart.

Take a deep breath and thank the trees for the fresh air. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and recognize the loving way Mother Earth has always supported you. Pop a grape in your mouth and taste the sweet life that unselfishly surrenders itself to nourish your body.

The more you frequent your church in nature, the more you will recognize the subtle energy of the hidden spirits that dwell there. When you recharge your spirit with nature worship, your vibrations will become one with the harmony and balance of the earth.

Mother nature is waiting for you.


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